DM Drop Stats

25 Most Common Drops25 Rarest Drops25 Most Expensive Drops
  • watermelon
  • apple mush
  • thread
  • 2/3 cake
  • black bead
  • 2/3 chocolate cake
  • shark
  • admiral pie
  • anchovies
  • white bead
  • flowers
  • lobster
  • fur
  • bronze platebody
  • yellow bead
  • astronomy book
  • red bead
  • 1/3 evil turnip
  • jug
  • beer
  • 1/2 meat pizza
  • tansymum
  • addy dagger
  • shrimps
  • archery ticket
  • cookies (5)
  • snow globe
  • elysian spirit shield
  • cookies (10)
  • accumulator
  • christmas cracker
  • mage's book
  • dragon claws
  • armadyl godsword
  • saradomin godsword
  • bandos godsword
  • zamorak godsword
  • divine spirit shield
  • white partyhat
  • green partyhat
  • red partyhat
  • blue partyhat
  • yellow partyhat
  • purple partyhat
  • vesta's longsword
  • pernix body
  • torva platebody
  • virtus robe top
  • pernix chaps
  • torva platelegs
  • Blue partyhat
  • White partyhat
  • Red partyhat
  • Green partyhat
  • Christmas cracker
  • Yellow partyhat
  • Purple partyhat
  • Divine spirit shield
  • Pernix body
  • Torva platebody
  • Torva platelegs
  • Pernix chaps
  • Disk of returning
  • Pumpkin
  • Red h'ween mask
  • Torva full helm
  • Virtus robe top
  • Blue h'ween mask
  • Santa hat
  • Virtus robe legs
  • 3rd age platelegs
  • Green h'ween mask
  • 3rd age platebody
  • Pernix cowl
  • Zaryte bow

How we calculate drops:

Each drop in game is given a score out of 1000.
Items are scored based on how much they are worth: Elysian spirit shield being 1000, Godswords being 900, Partyhats being 800, 3rd age being 500, etc.

When you win a DM, we pick a random number between 0 and 1000.
We add a bonus if you have a Ring of Wealth and add another bonus if you have less wins than your opponent.
We take this number draw a line on the drop list and pick at random 3 items from the items below this mark.

If you say got given 900, after RoW and bonus for beating someone stronger, this could be over 1000, giving you an equal chance of getting any drop.
If you got given 500 however, you would only get items on the cheaper side of the table.


The weaker GWD monsters will drop at the same rate as a player (minus the win difference), but all GWD monsters will drop an additional slot of loot, making it more likly to get a good drop.

The harder GWD monsters will drop up to 20% better loot on average.
When you include the extra slot, it is far more likly for you to get a good drop against these GWD.

At the end of a DM, a surviving player at random is chosen to collect the loot.
If this player has a Ring of wealth, that bonus will be added to the loot drop.
This player will also be the one who collects any equipment drops.

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